Malacca Day Trip

Planned a 2 Days trip up to Malacca for this Raya. Talking about Malacca, definitely it will be foodddd 🙂

Wanted to have Satay Celup at Capitol Satay buttttttt look at the queue. They haven’t even started operation yet. I’m not a fan of queue so off we went to Jonker Street 🙂

The Red House
 Passed through the Malacca River

The crowded Jonker Street on Sunday evening. Time for food hunt!

Puttu Mayam with Gula Melaka Nyonya Kuih Fried Yam With Meat Filling (Wu Kok)The Must Have! I’ve got Durian Puffs and Yoghurt Puffs ❤Definitely can’t miss some shots here 🙂

 The evening view of Malacca River 

The next day before heading back to KL, decided to have the famous Chicken Rice Balls at the restaurant behind our hotel. Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice. It’s halal too! Definitely recommended 🙂

Ratings: 8/10

Price: $

Address: Ee Ji Ban Restaurant – 275, Jalan Melaka Raya 3, Melaka


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